4 Gauge Pre Workout Review 2019

4 gauge4 Gauge is a pre workout drug sold only via the manufacturers website. Let’s have a look at its ingredients and the research backing it up and find out if it does work as its manufacturer claims.

What Are the Pre Workouts Benefits?

There are some misconceptions about pre workouts. Pre workout supplements do bring certain benefits, however people take them often for wrong reasons or have unrealistic expectations about the effects. Let’s start with the real benefits:

  • Pre workout supplements contribute to energy and endurance. You will be able to do more during your workout.
  • They keep you focused and motivated. If you sometimes don’t feel like doing hard exercises during your workout, pre workouts will help.
  • The blood flow to your muscles increases, bringing more oxygen and glucose.
  • If you are on a low carb diet and work out you will see more results.

Check the 4 Gauge FAQ here

And what are the wrong reasons?

  • Pre workouts won’t make you gain more mass if you do not train harder.
  • They won’t let you get the same results with less workout.
  • You can’t substitute other supplements (like creatine or protein) with pre workout supplements. More about it in the ingredients section.

Do you really need a pre workout supplement? Well, not really. A pre workout is a nice option if you can afford it and want to take it, however it is not a basic supplement like protein powder or creatine.

What Are 4 Gauge Ingredients?

I do non take neither do I recommend supplements containing proprietary blends. If you can’t check up the ingredients, you can’t verify if there is any lab research to back up the claims of the manufacturer. Moreover you don’t know if there are no banned or illegal substances in your supplement. 4 Gauge has all its ingredients listed, there are no dangerous additions in it (by the way, you can verify it by yourself here).

Let’s have a look at the formulation of 4 Gauge:

  • The bulk part, 6000mg per serving of 4 Gauge is Citrulline (as L-Citrulline Dl-Malate). This non-essential amino acid improves sports performance and cardiovascular health. Citrulline helps reduce fatigue and increase endurance by improving the nitric oxide metabolism and raising the blood flow to muscles. There is a solid body of scientific research to support this claims.
  • Creatine monohydrate (1000mg) plays an important role in the energy production in cells. If supplemented daily it will let you work out harder. Is it a good idea to include creatine in a pre workout stack? Well, if you take it only before workout it probably won’t be enough, you need to consume it daily.
  • L-Carnitine is a compound derived from the methylation of lysine. It is produced by the body but can also be supplemented. L-Carnitine, here in form of Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl (500mg) has the ability to increase alertness, reduce fatigue and muscle damage (link).
  • Beet root extract (300mg) has a high nitrate content. The supplementation results are similar to those of nitric oxide – an improvement of physical performance, vasodilation of blood vessels and lowered blood pressure. The goal of having this supplement in the stack is similar to citrulline. There is some scientific evidence for these claims (link).
  • Caffeine (150mg) can provide a physical boost if taken before a workout by stimulating central nervous system, heart and muscles. 150mg is considered a moderate and safe amount by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
  • Combining Caffeine with L-Theanine (200mg), an amino acid found in tea, reduces the negative side effects of caffeine and lets the both substances work synergistically. A combination of both is so called nootropic, i.e. a smart drug, improving cognitive function and promoting attention (link).
  • Rhodiola Rosea (100 mg) is a herb known from traditional chinese medicine which can be also found in Scandinavia. Research indicates that one of its various benefits is reducing fatigue and exhaustion. There is a rich body of research concerning rhodiola, one study tested effects of exactly the same dose (100mg) on endurance during exercise.
  • And finally Coconut Water Powder (300mg), a healthy alternative to sports drinks (link), which helps to restore electrolytes levels and gives the stack its pleasant taste.

4 Gauge doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or coloring. The supplement is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The ingredients are manufactured in US and in EU.

4 Gauge Pre Workout GNC

4 Gauge is sold only at its manufacturer’s website. There are other pre workout supplements sold at GNC but not 4 Gauge. The good thing is you buy directly from the manufacturer and always get a good price.

Does 4 Gauge work?

Now after learning something about the ingredients let’s have a look at the claims made by the manufacturer:

  • 4 Gauge improves physical performance, it increases power, energy and focus, it also increases stamina, allowing you to train for longer. Is it true? Absolutely, that’s how the 4 Gauge’s ingredients work. Can you get the same improvements for less than this supplement’s price? Not really.
  • 4 Gauge promises also better workouts which means a better physique. This claim sounds for me a bit imprecise. What is meant here is how you feel when working out. For sure you’ll feel more motivated, that’s how caffeine and theanine work. But: better physique results not only from focus, harder workouts and more endurance but also from proper nutrition and enough rest.
  • 4 Gauge “helps to aid muscle growth and fat loss“. There are lots of factors on which fat loss and muscle grow depend. Even the best supplement won’t do the trick by itself. So the claim is true but the same could be told about protein shakes or bench press.

4 Gauge reviews

4 Gauge is sold at the manufacturer’s website only, so it’s unlikely to see unbiased reviews of it at e.g. Amazon.com. However if in doubt you can check the reviews of all ingredients at Amazon – that would provide at least some clues. And yes – the ingredients score well.

“Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?”

There is one more point you should be aware of. The return policy is fair but not very generous. There is no refund if you try and don’t like the supplement. You can send back only unused supplement, you have to do it during 7 days after receiving the packaging and if you do you’ll still be charged for shipment. Of course there is a bright side to it – the company doesn’t hide the cost of returned supplements in the prices paid by everyone else. There is also no auto rebill, i.e. you won’t be sent another packaging without another order.

Check the 4 Gauge FAQ here

Final verdict

Taking a pre workout is an option, not a must. This is not a protein supplement you can’t do without. You can get good results from your workout without a pre workout supplement. However if you decide that having additional energy, more endurance and extra focus is worth spending money on, 4 Gauge (vendor website) is an excellent supplement to pick. What I especially like at 4 Gauge is the choice of ingredients. All of them are scientifically tested and all of them contribute to the results.

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