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This article is about the supplement DAA Pure made by Performance Edge. Read here about the d-aspartic acid in general.

What is DAA Pure made of?

The active ingredient of DAA Pure is d-aspartic acid. D-Aspartic acid is a d-form of amino acid aspartic acid, discovered in 1827 by a French pharmacist Plisson from asparagus (that’s where the name comes from). Some specific endocrine tissues (the hypothalamus, testes and the pituary gland) convert the l-aspartic acid into d-aspartic acid. While the l-form of aspartic acid is like other proteinogenic amino acids a building block of proteins and in consequence muscles, the d-aspartic acid has a special role in the body, which makes it a perfect testosterone booster.

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How does the DAA Pure work?

D-Aspartic acid contained in DAA Pure triggers the production of body’s own testosterone by increasing production of the luteinizing hormone (LH) and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). These both hormones are normally released when the blood levels of testosterone are falling and the body has to react on it by raising the testosterone production. When supplemented, d-aspartic acid doesn’t cause side effects like hormone inhibition.

This supplement should be taken by men. There have been no clinical studies conducted with women yet, only on female animals. Another point is, if you are under 25 you probably don’t need DAA Pure, because your body maintains a high blood levels of testosterone by itself. With age the testosterone levels drop and that’s the point where DAA Pure kicks in.

Clinical research behind DAA Pure

D-Aspartic acid has been found to raise blood testosterone levels in 2009. A clinical study has been performed in Italy, in which 23 men aged 27-37 took d-aspartic acid supplement orally  for 12 days. At the same time the same supplement was tested on animals to analyse changes in tissues. The results were stunning. The human test group featured an increase in blood testosterone levels by 42% and luteinizing hormone by 33%. It is worth noticing that the research has been conducted on healthy men with normal blood testosterone levels and not patients suffering from testosterone deficiency.

DAA Pure dosage

The d-aspartic acid dosage in the above mentioned study was 3 grams in the morning for 12 days. After these 12 days the supplementation was stopped. That is worth remembering, as you should cycle the supplement, e.g. 2 weeks on DAA Pure and after that 1 week off the DAA Pure to avoid building up tolerance.

Another manufacturer of DAA, Primaforce, suggested another dosage strategy. Instead of the conservative 3 grams a day like in the Italian study, Primaforce based on the users’ experience recommended a loading phase of 5 days. In the course of the loading phase 3 grams should be taken in the morning and another 3 days in the evening. Please make sure that you do not overdose DAA.

DAA Pure has the form of caps. One packaging contains 120 caps, which is enough for 30 days, assuming you stick to taking 3 grams a day.

DAA Pure reviews

At the end I would like to quote some opinions of  the customers. The reviews of this supplement are excellent. Unlike tribulus and ZMA, there is little doubt in the effectiveness of the d-aspartic acid.

One of the users, Jeremy praised quicker recovery after workouts and lean muscle gains when taking DAA Pure. A remarkable training result was an extra inch to the biceps. Another customer, Tom observed strength gains and better muscle definition when taking DAA Pure. (To read Tom’s and Jeremy’s complete  DAA Pure reviews click on the picture, you will be forwarded to the shop, than click the tab “reviews”.)

DAA Pure at Amazon.com


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