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This post was updated in February 2020 to ensure accuracy and relevancy.

hunter test bottlesThis article covers the newest testosterone booster Hunter Test created by Propura LTD and how it compares to other supplements by this manufacturer. 

Hunter Test booster is the newest addition to the premium supplements range sold by Propura. Information about the similarities and differences among various supplements and supplement lines is scarce even on the manufacturers website. This article aims at covering the information gap and helping you pick the right supplement for you.

Hunter Test™ official website

What is Hunter Test booster?

Hunter Test supplement is one of the supplements in the Hunter Suite, a range of supplements for men sold since 2019. Hunter Test targets the body testosterone levels by providing ingredients known to restore its healthy levels by stimulating testosterone production or preventing aromatase (t. loss by converting into estrogen). Other premium supplements in the Hunter range are Burn (a fat burner) and Focus (a “cognition system” i.e. a nootropic). The Hunter supplement suite is designed to complement one another by addressing distinct body functions, but you can buy and take the supplements separately without compromising their effectiveness.

Hunter Test supplement benefits

Testosterone is a key hormone for every man. A lack or insufficient levels of it may and will lower your libido, take away energy and stamina. It can even tamper with how you look like (hint: less masculine). After 30 testosterone level starts to decline naturally, but there is a lot you can do about it. Your nutrition, lifestyle (e.g. sleeping enough), working out and obviously getting all the micro nutrients does make a difference. Of course there are hormone replacement therapies, but they are not to be taken lightly due to possible adverse effects. Most men can and should start addressing the problem by stimulating their own testosterone production in a natural way.

Hunter Test supplement helps to regain the desired testosterone production by providing micro nutrients scarce in a typical diet. If you suspect that you’re missing something out in your nutrition and you’re unable to address it effectively by changing your diet, supplements may help you out. Depending on your age and goals Hunter Test booster may be the right supplement for you.

Hunter Test vs PrimeMale

There is a clear distinction between the Hunter Test vs TestoFuel target groups. However, there is no such information regarding Hunter Test vs Prime Male to be found on the official website. Let’s find out what’s the difference.


Prime Male is an older formula than Hunter Test. That might be the reason why the price comparison Hunter Test vs Prime Male is clearly won by the latter. Both supplements are sold as one bottle, two bottles set and 3+1 bottles set, 3+1 meaning that the additional bottle is thrown in to sweeten the deal. Hunter Test booster sets cost 75, 150 and 225USD (as of February 2020). Prime Male will set you back 69, 138 and 207USD respectively.


Prime Male has 12 ingredients whereas Hunter Test booster only 9. This is not without a reason. According to the manufacturer Hunter Test is designed to reverse the declining testosterone levels. Prime Male claims to address also other age related issues, e.g. weight loss, lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, enhanced cognitive function, blood sugar levels in a healthy range and even tighter skin (and many more). While there is a link between some of the issues and testosterone levels, Prime Male clearly aims at being an all-in-one supplement for older men. Hunter Test is a part of a supplement suite including also Hunter Burn (a fat burner) and Hunter Focus (a nootropic). Weight loss and enhanced cognitive function are to be handled by the sister supplements, not by Hunter Test itself.

Hunter Test contains a lower number but a higher volume of the ingredients. There is almost twice as much DAA in a daily dose, more than three times as much Vitamin K2 and so on. Lower dose in Prime Male was addressed in the past with the added piperine (black pepper extract, it makes supplements more effective). Meanwhile it was dropped from the newer, improved formula and replaced with a higher dose of the most ingredients.


To sum up PrimeMale and Hunter Test supplements target older men. However if you’re 20 years old gym rat you’d be better off with other testosterone booster like TestoFuel.
Are you looking for a supplement to address only your sinking testosterone levels or you’re fine with taking a complete supplement suite? Then Hunter Test is the supplement for you.
However, if you are looking for an all-rounder, go with PrimeMale.

Hunter Test vs TestoFuel

Let’s start with the similarities. Both supplements are testosterone boosters from the same manufacturer. They also share some of the ingredients, e.g. d-aspartic acid, zinc, vitamins D3, K2, B6.

What is the difference between Hunter Test vs TestoFuel? The supplements were designed with two distinct user groups in mind and addressing two different conditions. Hunter Test is for older men who already experience testosterone decline, and need help to reverse it. TestoFuel is more for young men who would like to support their muscle growth with a supplement. A big chunk of the ingredients doesn’t match up, even the similar ingredients have different dosages.

Hunter Test FAQ

Below you’ll find a few frequently asked questions.

What are the Hunter Test Ingredients?

The ingredients are backed up by a body of scientific research. Below a list of the ingredients along with a few links to research papers if you’d like to read more:

Are there Hunter Test reviews?

Hunter Test is a premium supplement i.e. it is not available on Amazon. There are no Hunter Test Amazon reviews, only reviews at the manufacturer website. You might or might not trust them, so a smart choice is the money back guarantee package.

What is the Hunter Test booster dosage?

The manufacturer suggests taking six pills a day. One bottle contains supply for a month – 180 pills or 30 servings.
Please be aware that you might build up tolerance against d-aspartic acid if you overdose, so it is wise not to exceed the suggested daily intake. 

Where to buy Hunter Test supplement?

Hunter Test Booster is sold at the manufacturer’s website only.

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