What is the Prime Male GNC price?

prime male imageIs Prime Male GNC product? Some readers assume this and look for Prime Male in big on-line stores like GNC or Amazon. It’s not the case, Prime Male is manufactured by an English company Propura. Propura deals with the manufacturing process and marketing of their supplements by themselves. Read this article to find out how and where to buy Prime Male.

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Where to buy Prime Male?

At the time being you can buy this supplement stack on the manufacturer website only (link above). If you’re looking for Prime Male on sale because you want to save a few bucks – go for a big packaging (6 boxes – 6 month supply for $276). The more boxes you order the lower is the price for a monthly supply – it goes up to 6 month supply. The big packaging has also an additional advantage – there is a 100% money back guarantee. Is you’re unsure about the supplement and would like eventually to take advantage of the return policy, make sure you got the right package.

The Prime Male – GNC difference

Supplements are a big market and there are various marketing strategies to be seen.

  • There are “commodity” supplements like e.g. pure d-aspartic acid powder, l-citrulline dl-malate or BCAA. There is no research done on the part of the manufacturer, only production. Most customers expect a fair quality of the supplement and a very good price. This is the typical basic one or two compound supplement sold in bulk in a plastic bag on Amazon, nothing like a complex stack like Prime Male. These basic supplements come either as a brand product, e.g. from GNC, or with a cheap label. In an extreme case the manufacturing process of cheap labels is outsourced to a Chinese factory and the final product sold in the U.S. via drop-shipping. Many drop-shipping products are sold on Amazon platform, which offers easy integration for this kind of businesses.
    If you’re very price conscious, it might be the way to go for you. This kind of products is available on Amazon, GNC and in other on-line shops.
  • Then there are supplement stacks sold by big brands like GNC. These are stacks focused on a particular body function or problem area like cardiovascular health, testosterone boosting or men’s health after 50. If you don’t like to mix your stack by yourself, or don’t have skills to pick the right ingredients, you might be interested in these. Like the previous group they are also available on GNC, Amazon or in other on-line shops. They are more expensive that the basic one-compound supplements but cheaper than premium supplements like Prime Male.
  • Finally there are supplement stacks sold by research-focused specialized companies producing only a few premium supplements like Propura’s Prime Male. The focus here is on the quality of the ingredients (no cheap components from China) and the effectiveness of the formulation. Small specialized companies conduct their own research to find the most effective stack. You can’t buy the stacks on Amazon or GNC, there is also no Prime Male GNC version.

Prime Male – a premium supplement

Smaller premium brands like Propura with only a handful of products sell them via distribution channel they control (i.e. own website). And that’s the answer to where to buy Prime Male. There is more research behind the stack components, and the stack has been studied as a whole. There are studies backing up the claims made by the manufacturer.
And finally there is convenience of use – a basic packaging is a month supply of uniform capsules, with no missing additions addressing the same problem area to be taken separately.


Are there Prime Male Amazon reviews?

No Amazon reviews is the biggest weakness of Prime Male and of all Propura products. Due to the fact that Prime Male isn’t sold on Amazon there are no Amazon reviews of it.

However there are numerous clinical and animal studies confirming the effectiveness of the formula ingredients on PubMed. There are also some reviews with before and after pictures on the manufacturers website.

Use PrimeMaleā„¢ 100% Risk-Free For 90 Days

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