Are there TestoFuel Amazon reviews?

testofuel amazonA good way to learn about a new products is to read its unbiased reviews. is famous for its review system allowing and encouraging shoppers to give their sincere opinion about the product they just have purchased and tried out. Unfortunately it only holds true for products sold at Amazon. If the product like TestoFuel isn’t available at Amazon, there are no TestoFuel Amazon reviews.

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Why there are no TestoFuel Amazon offers?

To understand this we need to look at how supplements are priced and marketed. As I have mentioned in my Testofuel review, it’s a prime example for research intensive supplement stack. It contains a few selected testosterone boosting ingredients like d-aspartic acid or oyster extract (with oysters themselves being an excellent source of zinc, iron, calcium, selenium, vitamin A and vitamin B12 and thus a natural testosterone booster).

In order to retain full control about the sales process the manufacturer and vendor in one (Propura) has to manage sales on his own. So no way to outsource the sales process to Amazon or to use their drop-shipping service.
On the flip side there are some advantages for the buyer as well. There is no 100% money back guarantee after you have used up foods or supplements you have bought at Even if you decide that you didn’t like the product you can’t get your money back. Smaller vendors like Propura, the company behind TestoFuel can and do offer this kind of buyer satisfaction program.

If so, where to buy TestoFuel?

TestoFuel is sold via its own website, managed by the manufacturer, Propura. The website contains all the usual information, including TestoFuel ingredients, side effects of TestoFuel, shipment information, TestoFuel price and so on. If you decide to give this supplement stack a try, make sure you take advantage of the 100% money back guarantee (it’s not obvious, but the offer is valid for some packages only).

But what about the reviews?

There are so many phony reviews on the Internet. Some are pretty easy to spot, other are well disguised. Some supplement vendors in the recent years have offered their products for free in exchange for a review. If it is done in cooperation with Amazon, you can see a note about the free sample in front of the review. However it still fully counts toward the product’s star ranking. Other less ethical vendors have offered a refund or just let employees buy and review the products. The reviews were stellar. How you can spot this kind of shenanigans? If some reviews at Amazon are enthusiastic and sport full five stars but there are also many one star reviews saying that the product is junk, this is a strong indication that some of the great reviews might be fake.

So what is the conclusion?

Although there are no TestoFuel Amazon reviews to rely on, there are a few steps how you can avoid unreliable vendors:

  • Is there a 100% money back policy? If a vendor offers to return your money for a product you have already used up, it’s a good indicator of reliability.
  • Is there full information about company name and address at the website? Is the company located in US, EU, Canada, etc.? Untrustworthy vendors would avoid litigation by keeping out of reach of the scammed customers.
  • Is there an ingredient list without proprietary blends? Are the claims of the ingredients’ effectiveness supported by scientific research? Although this is a bit more labor-intensive to check, serious vendors avoid substances proven useless or outright dangerous.
  • Was the production facility subject to a review? Shady manufacturers are unlikely to perform external audits in their production sites.

I hope these quick ideas help you to make a good choice. A bit of research lets you avoid the most pitfalls and buy a valuable product.

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