Is TestoFuel GNC Product?

testofuelAre you looking for the best deal on a testosterone booster like TestoFuel? Is TestoFuel GNC product or is it at least sold at GNC?

TestoFuel is sold only via its own website by the company manufacturing it, Propura. If you prefer a product sold at GNC, check the best selling GNC Mega Men.

What is TestoFuel?

If you haven’t read my TestoFuel review, let me summarize basic information about this supplement in a few words. The testosterone booster TestoFuel is a supplement stack made of twelve components with d-aspartic acid being the most prominent one. TestoFuel is made by Propura, a supplement manufacturer based in Great Britain. A common question is what is the difference between TestoFuel vs Prime Male – another testosterone booster from the same vendor. In a few words TestoFuel is designed for the younger users, Prime Male for the older ones.

Where to buy TestoFuel for less?

TestoFuel is only sold at its manufacturers website. To get it cheaper buy in bulk, e.g. a three or four months supply. Bulk orders are cheaper to process per packaging, so the vendor can pass the savings to the customer and still earn money. Currently there is no TestoFuel coupon code.

Types of supplements

Dietary supplements can be roughly categorized into three groups, depending on how much research is invested into refining of the formula by the manufacturer. Testofuel GNC Stacks and pure DAA fall each in one of these categories:

  • First group are simple one-ingredient supplements, like pure d-aspartic acid, sold as capsules or in bulk as powder. These supplements do not require any research, only manufacturing and marketing. They are excellent choice if you want to supplement only this very substance, you want to mix your own stack or when your budget is tight. The cheap label brands sold in bulk are often manufactured in China and sold via the drop-shipping program. You need to know what are you doing if you want to create your own stack, and of course there is a bit of effort involved. Still this is the way to go if you’re very price conscious.
  • Another group are supplements sold as a stacks based on the available research results. A big supplement manufacturer like GNC creates a supplement stack aimed at supporting a particular body function or activity, like promoting joints health, making workout more effective with a pre workout, increasing libido, etc. These stacks tend to be relatively cheap to moderately expensive, sold at GNC or Amazon. If you don’t have too much knowledge about supplements or just don’t want the hassle with mixing stack by yourself this is the way to go.
  • Finally there are premium supplements like TestoFuel or Prime Male. Their manufacturer, Propura, invests in research of the stacks’ composition and effectiveness. The price of these stacks is of course higher than of the previous two groups. Propura keeps an eye on the marketing as well and sells all its products via their websites. Big on-line shops don’t sell TestoFuel GNC is an example. If you want a top notch supplement stack and don’t care too much about the price then you may find TestoFuel interesting.

What are the TestoFuel ingredients?

In short there are 9 TestoFuel ingredients: d-aspartic acid, magnesium, asian red panax ginseng, fenugreek, oyster extract, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. There are no tribulus terrestris, DHEA nor tongkat ali inside. To read more about the ingredients check our TestoFuel review.

What are TestoFuel testimonials?

If you’re looking for testimonials, you can find them here. Or watch the video.

TestoFuel, GNC supplements and pure DAA difference

So what makes TestoFuel, GNC supplements and pure DAA so different?

  • price, with TestoFuel being at the expensive end of the range and pure d-aspartic acid at the budget conscious one.
  • convenience, with complete stacks being easy and self-made DAA based stacks being more complicated to prepare.
  • amount of research to back up the formula, with premium supplements being subject to the manufacturer’s own studies.

Which one is the best supplement for you? It depends, mostly on your budget and your willingness to accept more or less convenience. I hope this short article helps you make a smart choice.

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