Where to buy Extenze?

Extenze is currently (December 2017) one of the best selling male enhancement drugs. Is it effective? What are it’s ingredients? Where to buy Extenze? Read on and find out.

Where to buy it?

To answer quickly the question asked in the title of this article: you can get the best conditions (e.g. a money back guarantee) if you buy Extenze at its own website:

Extenze Website

Some other online shops also sell Extenze, however the conditions aren’t very generous compared to the Extenze website. Many customers assume that Extenze is sold at Walmart, there is even a Walmart product page for Extenze, however the supplement is listed as no longer available.

What is Extenze?

Open packaging of ExtenzeExtenze is a male enhancement supplement. There is a common misconception fed by unethical advertisements that male enhancement supplements will cause the penis to grow, i.e. become longer over time and remain this way. This is of course an outright lie. If you ever see a supplement claiming to make your penis grow, give it a pass. What supplements can do is to increase the blood flow to the genital region and the capability of penis’ spongy tissues to retain the blood. The result is a stronger erection and a more satisfying sexual life. This is also how Extenze works. Whenever you read about “penis size” what’s meant is the volume of erection.

There is also a slight variation in the form of Extenze. The original supplement in a white packaging was a blue pill, the updated formula in a black packaging is a gel capsule. In this article for the sake of brevity I use the brand name “Extenze”, however the improved formula is actually called “ExtenZe Plus” (with a capital Z).

Unlike VigRX Plus Extenze is intended to show its effects quicker.

Extenze reviews at Walmart website

Walmart carried this supplement at some point in the past, so its product page is a valuable and credible source of information. With a mass-marketed product there is no incentive for reviewers at Walmart to sugarcoat the review. Most reviews were positive (5 and 4 stars). For these customers Extenze worked as promised.
There were also some negative reviews. Lets have a look at what the users complained about:

  • a few users suffered from flu-like side effects. This can be probably contributed to yohimbe being one of the ingredients. Yohimbe gives exactly the same side effects.
  • again a few users complained that Extenze didn’t work after eight, ten or fourteen days. Some Male Enhancements happen to require a few days of regular ingestion to kick in.
  • the majority of disappointed users just left an one sentence review. The reasons for Extenze not working can be various. It is a supplement and not a drug intended to cure medical conditions, so for sure there are situations where Extenze can’t help.

Extenze ingredients

The ingredients of the improved Extenze Plus formula are Tribulus Terrestris, GABA, Yohimbe, DHEA, Pregnenolone, Ginseng, L-Arginine, Cnidium Monnieri, Damiana extract, Barrenwort extract, Muira Puama, Astragalus, Black Pepper extract, Folic, Acid Niacin, Tongkat Ali, Velvet bean extract, Chrysin and Licorice. The combination that does the trick seems to be Yohimbe, DHEA and L-Arginine. There is no DAA inside.

Extenze side effects

The side effects one can get from taking ExtenZe are according to the majority of the reviews the very flu-like side effects of yohimbe bark. If you get nausea or flushing in the face, well that’s it. The improved formula of ExtenZe Plus contains less yohimbe and is less prone to cause side effects.

Extenze Website

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